The inaugural meeting of the TWISTER Advisory Committee (TAC) will commence during the week of July 12, 2021.  The TWISTER team would like to especially thank the external members of the TAC for sacrificing their valuable time for this work.

The MRI (Major Research Instrumentation) instrument (TWISTER) has arrived and is being set up at OSU.  This fantastic characterization platform allows us to perform mm-wave and THz studies using continuous-wave radiation from 0.11-0.50 THz, with arbitrary waveforms having a baseband bandwidth of 25 GHz.  

The whole lab students and professors enjoyed watching Ph.D. movie 1.

Some of Ph.D. students were depressed after watching the movie and can't wait for Ph.D. movie 2.

New naming for TWISTER lab:

Transformative Wireless Innovations, Sciences, Technologies and Engineering Research